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Software Idea

Tell us about your idea and together we can make it come true.

Need an Idea?

Tell us about your business and we will come up with a solution how to boost it.

We can help you


We have years of experience in mobile platform. We can design a program you need based on your idea or your problem. We have done stuff for android, iOS, windows phone and even some direct coding for Raspberry Pi. We have become masters in creative thinking and to overcome obstacles. Mail us and we will contact you. Let's make great things together!


We are making our own games, find out more what you can do and how you can unite the Mytpets!

Games are best!


We love games and our passion is to make them! We hope you feel the same and you enjoy the games that we have created for you! If you are interested to follow our development process feel free to follow our game page.


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