Mytpet - Elemental Quest

Are you ready to handle the power of Mytpets?

World to explore


Once there was big explosion in the Mytpet universe. None knows why explosion happened but it changed how Mytpets lived in their world. This explosion was so huge that it shattered the whole universe to shards and all shards scattered to our known world. Now it is time to begin a quest to gather shards and unite all elements again.

Pets to train


When elements shattered across the world also all creatures that lived in the universe perished. Now it is time to rediscover all that once lived. Mytpets are concentrations of elemental shards they take care of their world, chill with other Mytpets and fight against each other when there a is reason for one. Quite often there are small arguments and you can train and evolve your Mytpets to be even more prepared to face adversities.


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